June 21, 2011

2011 Summer “Bucket” List

Every year I feel like summer is over before it even begins, but this year, I vow to take the time to enjoy all things summer. Here is my 2011 Summer “Bucket” List:

Eat outdoors as often as possible – enjoy the warm evenings!

Make oodles of s’mores {LOVE these ideas

Make homemade Butter Pecan ice cream {YUM – found the recipe in one of those old church cookbooks, hoping it works out so I can share!} 

Create a small garden & successful grow something OTHER than weeds

Take long evening walks with the family {Mr. Beaux suggested this one}

I know he looks rather lazy, but TRUST me, he'd rather be on a walk. 

Can something…preferably something I grow myself

Make lots of trips to the mountains – for a day trip or a camping trip {I only live an hour away, what is my excuse?!}

Buy produce from the local farmer’s market

Go fishing!

Take lots and lots and LOTS of pictures of Sweet Pea enjoying her 
first summer!

Sweet Pea's first time at the park!

1 comment:

  1. I have some of the same goals! I'm looking for a place to do berry picking so that I can a) freeze fresh summer fruit and use it during winter, and b) make a blueberry jam. :)

    I'm also going to the beach once a month (believe it or not) and making a point to take Abby to play outside a few days a week. Several of these activities require wearing a swimsuit - which is PAINFUL, but it's amazing what you'll do to make your kid happy. :)

    Also, we're doing lots of walks (and tricycle riding), farmers markets, cooking - ice cream would be cool!

    I'm holding off on gardening until fall - which is apparently when you plant stuff here, but I AM looking at doing some work in the backyard. I have NEVER done yard work, so this could get interesting.

    I'm also planning to build a sandbox for Abigail (not by myself obviously) and get a babypool and some sprinkler toys so that we can have fun outside time at home. :)

    Plus.. I LOVE the idea of eating outside. I need to get some patio furniture and take advantage of this porch...