July 09, 2011

DIY Paper Bowl

I don't know about you, but I always have a crap load of shredded paper each month. And it is ALL from freaking junk mail! Its a little insane if you ask me. Can I just stop receiving junk mail? Can I sign up for some kind of "do-not-call" junk mail registry? Please tell me!!! 

Anyway, at least I can use some of it for crafting purposes...

DIY Paper Bowl 

Shredded Paper
Plastic Wrap
Glass Bowl

Step One
Gather your shredded paper. I simply used my existing shredded junk mail. But, you could use pretty paper and use the bowl as decoration or as a gift "basket", etc.

Step Two
Mix together school glue and water. Less glue than water. You are going for a milky texture.

Step Three
Wrap your mold (i.e. glass bowl) with plastic wrap.

Step Four
Glue on the shredded paper. Have fun. Get messy. 

Step Five
Allow paper to dry overnight (or for 20 minutes in Colorado sun).

Step Six
Remove from bowl and plastic wrap. This picture is a bit deceiving. The bowl actually does have some depth to it.

Using this technique, you could create all kind-of fun things from your shredded paper! Maybe use a baby food container, a balloon, or a box for a fun mold!

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  1. It seems like a school art project but it’s really a nice way to use up and recycle shredded paper. Thanks for sharing.