February 17, 2015

Phone Charging Station

After we tiled our backsplash, I decided to add a phone charging station.  The main reason I wanted a charging station was to hide the electrical outlet. Yup, I'm the crazy lady who hates electrical outlet. While I couldn't convince my husband to cover up even ONE of the eight outlets we have in the kitchen (I do believe 50% of my entire house's outlets are in the kitchen - thanks home builder), I did convince him to create a phone charging station. He completed the task in less than 30 minutes.

Oh, and I swear it charges the phones and iPads super duper fast. Waaaaaay faster, it seems, than just the electrical outlet.

Step 1:  Find a pre-built wooden office organizer.

Step 2:  Drill holes into the bottom - large enough to fit your cords through.

Step 3:  Buy a USB outlet from Home Depot or Lowe's.

Step 4:  Replace the outlet.

Step 5:  Insert all of your devices. Keep the cords in one place. 

Okay, so the outlets aren't exactly covered, but your eye IS distracted by the charging station.  

February 06, 2015

Have a Colorful Valentine's Day!

Here are Sweetpea's Valentine day treats for her school friends!  The inspiration came from this website…. super cute, right?  Guess what??? Super easy and relatively cheap.  The total cost of this project for her 20 sweet little friends = $20.00.

January 07, 2015

I Tried It…. DIY Body Wash {Success}

Oh boy, I'm on a ROLL.  I recently tried another pin from Pinterest.  This time it was DIY Body Wash by the blog "One Good Thing by Jillee" -- here is the link to her directions.  Some might say this method is cheating… after all, you are creating soap from soap.  But bar of soap just doesn't compare to the lathering effect of a body wash. And besides… I am so not a fan of sharing a bar of soap, even with the hubs!

The blog lists two different methods to make body wash.  One method involves grating soap as shown in my picture below.  This method totally counts as your daily exercise because it is one heck of an arm workout! But the grated soap melts and blends very nicely with you pot of water. The work is worth the results. For the record, I also tried the no-grate method and it did not turn out well for me.  The soap clumped when I poured it into my hot water.

For my experiment, I used two bars of soap and four cups of water. This equation resulted in just over 32 oz of body wash.  I was able to fill up my existing body wash container and still have reserve for at least another 1/2 bottle.

I purchased my Dove bars of soap from the Dollar Tree….and if you must ask, they were $1 each. I know you can find bars cheaper when buying in bulk and with coupons.

Anyway, a year supply of DIY Dove body wash will cost approximately $20. A year supply of pre-made Dove body wash will cost you around $50.  So, okay….it isn't huge savings, but a savings nevertheless. And projects like this keep my mind doing something different than the 9-5 job.

It took me 5 minutes to grate a bar of soap… yes, I timed myself. On both bars. Both times, 5 minutes.

It firms up after it cools down. I promise.