February 17, 2015

Phone Charging Station

After we tiled our backsplash, I decided to add a phone charging station.  The main reason I wanted a charging station was to hide the electrical outlet. Yup, I'm the crazy lady who hates electrical outlet. While I couldn't convince my husband to cover up even ONE of the eight outlets we have in the kitchen (I do believe 50% of my entire house's outlets are in the kitchen - thanks home builder), I did convince him to create a phone charging station. He completed the task in less than 30 minutes.

Oh, and I swear it charges the phones and iPads super duper fast. Waaaaaay faster, it seems, than just the electrical outlet.

Step 1:  Find a pre-built wooden office organizer.

Step 2:  Drill holes into the bottom - large enough to fit your cords through.

Step 3:  Buy a USB outlet from Home Depot or Lowe's.

Step 4:  Replace the outlet.

Step 5:  Insert all of your devices. Keep the cords in one place. 

Okay, so the outlets aren't exactly covered, but your eye IS distracted by the charging station.  

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