June 03, 2011

Placemat Folder

The slogan for this posting is simple - I am not a seamstress. Not even remotely close. I point this out to you for one reason and one reason only -- my lack of sewing skills should prove just how darn easy this project was to complete.

Placemat Folder Tutorial


Placemat, Ruler, Sewing Machine (thread, etc) and iron

Step One:

Find a placemat. Any fabric, rectangle placemat will work. I got mine for $1.75 at Kohl's. I think it is rather pretty, don't you?

Step Two:

Create the bottom fold (i.e. pocket) of the folder. From the bottom of the placemat, measure up 3 inches and mark.

Step Three:

Fold the bottom of the placemat up (using markings previous made) and iron to create a nice crease.  

Step Four:

Time for the sewing machine {ew}! To create the bottom pocket of the folder, sew each end shut.

Step Five:

Create the "cover" of the folder. Start with the "front" (i.e. left side) of the placemat and measure in 6 inches and fold. Remember to iron!

Step Six

Create the "back cover" of the folder. Using the "back" (i.e. right side), measure 6 inches and fold. Again, iron, iron, IRON!

Step Seven:  

Technically, step seven should show you a picture of the sewing machine again. But, since I am not a seamstress, I got so flustered with sewing that I forgot to take a picture {oops}.

The goal here is to divide the folder into three pockets. Using the folds you created in step 5 and 6 as a guide, sew the section of the placemat I am showing between my fingers. Repeat for the left side of the folder.

Finally, the end result!!!! Cute, huh? I left mine plain, but you could fancy yours up with a button, ribbon or embroidery.

I think I'm going to use my folder to hold my grocery list {cause I'm the type of girl who likes to cross things off her list} and my coupons. As I buy an item, the coupon will move from the left side of the notebook, to the right. This will prevent me from crumpling the coupons as I use them and shoving them into my pocket. Which then, I either forget about by time I check-out {t-r-a-g-i-c} or I spend a good 5 minutes smoothing them out for the cashier, who never seems too thrilled with me since crumpling them makes them harder to scan. Sigh...

How else could I use my folder? I could use it to sort my notecards.

Or, I could use it to organize my bills {puke}.

This project took me approximately 15 minutes to complete.  And......wait for it......I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS!!! 

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  1. Love the idea for coupons as I never can remember which ones I used1 Great instructions1