June 13, 2011

Pop Art Candleholders

I LOVE candles!  To me, everything is improved by candlelight. In fact, I would love to light my house with just candlelight to hide the fact I have NO TIME to actually clean these days. Sigh.  Although, I must have some free time since I am creating crafts and blogging…but of course, that is different, right??????

But, like I said, I love candles. Therefore, when my friend’s birthday planning rolled around and we established a Fiesta theme, I JUMPED on the opportunity to create a simple craft that was decorative, inexpensive, embraced the Fiesta theme and contained a candle element.

I call them “Pop Art Candleholders” and I created two main styles.

 "Holes" and "Curly"

Curly Style

Step 1:  
Obviously wash and spray paint your pop can. If you need a picture explaining this step-by-step, please stop reading by blog… I cannot help you.

Step 2: 
Ok, first of all, I apologize for the statement in Step 1, my 6 month old is teething and keeping me up at all hours of the night.  Now, moving on to step 2, cut off the top of your pop can. I used an Exacto knife, but any sharp tool will work.

Step 3
Cut pieces down the side of the pop can. Make sure you cut them within an inch or two from the bottom of your can. This will give you more curl.  Also, be sure to trim off your sharp edges after your cut the sections {much easier than trying to even everything out in step 2}.

Step 4
Using a pencil, curl the sections. Don’t do all the curls in uniform, random or alternating looks better.

Holes Style

Step 1: 
See step 1 above.

Step 2: 
Poke holes in your pop can. I used this handy tool the Hubs had in the garage, but a nail or a good old hole punch would work. In fact, I would have LOVED to use a star hole punch for this project, but I don't own one. Funny enough, I don’t own a single solitary hole punch. Can you tell I am NOT a scrap-booker?? Although I hope to become one...someday...

Step 3: 
Cut off the top of your pop can. See Step 2 in the above tutorial.

Step 4: 
Cut sections down the side of the pop can. These sections should be short and fat and the same length all around. Clean up any super sharp edges. 

Also, don't worry about your pop can getting a little bent... it just adds more character!

Step 5: 
Make a small fold down each section. We want to make certain those sharp edges are folded away.

Step 6: 
Make another fold.

Step 7: 
Fan out the sections as desired.

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