October 13, 2013

Making Life Easier, One Trash Can at a Time.

Sorry for the absence, I took this summer off...and it was fantastic.  With the exception of family and work, I actually took a break from everything this summer.  I needed it.  Our family needed it.  Sometimes, when life throws utter crappiness at you, it is essential to focus on your basic needs.  Just say "no" to everything unless you really, really, really, really want to do it.  And do so GUILT-FREE.

Ah, truly deep thoughts for the main topic of this blog posting -- trash.

Two days ago I was presented with a very annoying trash can.  Yes, trash cans can be annoying.  Let me explain.  Here is this big green monster of a trash can sitting in my garage with trash on top of the closed lid.  Sigh.  Why is trash on top of the lid?  Well, because I am always exiting my vehicle with some sort of coffee cup and since I hate throwing loose trash into the bottom of my trash can, I leave it on top of the lid.  A normal person would just bring their empty cup inside the house and throw in into a bag, but I am far from a normal person and I have a mean lazy streak.  Rather than fix my laziness, an idea came to me.....

And here is the "genius" idea... a over the door closet hook and a Dollar Tree trash can.