April 30, 2012

Sweet Monday

What makes Mondays sweet?  SUGAR, of course...  

My morning started out with a nice, tall glass of iced coffee. I found the recipe on the Pioneer Woman's blog, tried it and LOVED it. The recipe calls for sweetened condensed cream - SINFUL, I know. The result was a sugary jolt of caffeine which hasn't really worn off {14 hours later!!}. But seriously, if you like iced coffee and want to save yourself a trip to Starbucks, Google the recipe!

BECAUSE, I have too much sugar running through my veins, I decided to make MORE sugary treats. This time in the form of a peanut butter chocolate covered pretzel sandwich thingy, which All Things Delicious titles "Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches". Click here to try out the recipe. 

Yummy, yummy {as Sweetpea would say}.

...now I'm off to attempt sleep. Ambien, anyone???

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