February 04, 2012

Mini King Cakes

It’s snowing like CRAZY in Colorado.  We have about 2 feet of snow on the ground… and it's still coming down.  Its funny to me since this is the day I decided to put up my Mardi Gras wreath! "Louisiana" holiday and snow?  Not so much.

Mardi Gras used to be my favorite holiday.  It was colorful and tasty – not to mention, it sometimes coincided with my birthday and a day off from school. A day off from school, ON my birthday….what’s not to love??!!  Then I moved to Colorado and married a boy from Michigan. Needless to say, my friends and family just couldn't understand Mardi Gras, nor could they appreciate the yumminess of a King Cake.  I tried to share Mardi Gras with some co-workers once…. It went something like this:

Clueless: “Isn’t this just like a large cinnamon roll with sprinkles?”

Person who had visited New Orleans once in their life and therefore an expert on all things Louisiana:  “No, it has a baby inside and whoever gets the baby has to buy the next cake. That’s the whole point. Right Tara, tell us the story!”

Me: {Sigh}

While I no longer attempt to share Mardi Gras with anyone outside of my family {and yes, my Michigan husband has come to appreciate most things Louisiana}, I still put up my Mardi Gras wreath, order a crazy expensive {but worth it} King Cake from Haydel’s, wear beads and make Jambalaya. I guess you could say that Mardi Gras is a time for me to remember and celebrate the state in which I came from….and THAT is a tradition I aim to keep!

So, I know I just made fun of Clueless calling a King Cake an oversized cinnamon roll with sprinkles; but my recipe is exactly that… a cinnamon roll with sprinkles.  However, it's perfect for the family that just wants a small touch of Mardi Gras on February 23rd.  These pictures are actually from last year when I was still on maternity leave… back when I had time to do things like brush my teeth. Sigh….

Mini King Cakes

1 can of cinnamon rolls w/ icing
Sprinkles (purple, yellow and green)

Step 1:  Separate the rolls and form them into rings.  The bigger the hole, the better they will come out.

The hole should be a little bigger than the one pictured.

Step 2: Bake as directed.

Step 3: Smoother with icing, ensuring you lick the excess off your fingers. This is an important step.


Step 4: Cover with purple, yellow and green sprinkles.  You can’t have too many sprinkles!  If you can’t find these colors, make your own with sugar and food coloring.

Step 5: Put on some Mardi Gras beads and enjoy!

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