December 09, 2011


A mini-post about a mini-popsicle...

My daughter LOVES popsicles. Obviously letting a one-year old hold her own popsicle would result in a huge, sticky mess, so we created paci-pops yesterday. Put equal amounts of juice and water in a small container (I used the lid of baby bottle, worked perfectly), just enough to complete cover the nipple of a pacifier. If you haven't guessed by the last statement, place pacifier, nipple down, into the juice/water. Freeze and serve.

Still a little messy, but what isn't messy with a one-year old?!

1 comment:

  1. That is such an awesome idea!!! Anna is obsessed with popsicles, too, and I never thought to make them like that. And you are right, there really isn't anything that isn't messy with a one-year old!