May 18, 2011

Beauty and Fashion Tips From 1949

I recently found a stash of vintage church cookbooks in my mom's basement. They are tattered, stained and have handwritten notations all over them. I simply love them. Tucked within the recipes are "beauty" and "fashion" tips....from a time that Mrs. Cleaver would appreciate. The wording used cracks me up....


To avoid wrinkles get as much rest and sleep as possible -- AVOID WORRYING -- try to keep your facial muscles under control -- avoid excessive frowning, squinting and other habits which tend to form wrinkles. A well lighted home will help you to avoid squinting. Massage wrinkles with a rotary and upward motion followed by a good astringent.  


Avoid dainty and spindly {love this word} chairs and furniture which serve to accentuate your bigness {really? they used the word 'bigness'}.

Hats with wide and slanting brims are usually best.

Wear gloves which match the sleeves in color.

Avoid shoes with heels too high and slender and dark colored shoes are usually better than light ones.

Use fine textured stockings as dark as the current fashion allows {above all, you MUST be fashionable}.

Use a medium size handbag preferably square or rectangular. Too small a bag emphasizes your stoutness.   

If you carry an umbrella, use a long slender one.

Always select dresses with long straight lines which make you appear slimmer. Wear skirts and dresses as long as the fashion will allow.


Never make the mistake of trying to walk or stand in a slouched or bent over position in an effort to minimize your height.

Always wear your hair as flat as it can be made on top.

Wear hats with shallow crowns and large droopy brims. Hat trimmings should be horizontal.

Gloves should be of a different color than the sleeves and the same applies to hosiery.

Wear low heels except with formal clothes.

Handbags should be large and of a contrasting color.

Long haired furs are very suitable {interesting}.

Avoid plain straight dresses. Contrasting bands in blouse and skirt are good.  If the dress is all of one color, set off with a board belt of a contrasting color.

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  1. LOL- "Bigness" really, could they have used a more offensive word, oh the old days!